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I have over 10 years experience in the health and well being field and am one of the most highly qualified naturopathic practitioners in the UK.

I bring a unique combination of natural health, business and life experiences to any situation. My guiding vision is to inspire individuals and organisations to ‘exceed their best’ through the management of change.

I have used my approach to rebuild my life and manage my own health challenges. This culminated in my being nominated to attend the Woman of the Year Lunch in 2006 for overcoming adversity in my own life whilst empowering others to make changes in their own.

My clients and approach
My clients come from all age groups and backgrounds and bring a wide range of wellbeing and emotional issues to my practice. Every client is unique and I work with them accordingly.

Care sensitivity and trust are central to my work. It’s a collaborative process and I work in partnership to achieve real and lasting results that are often life transforming.

I’m a Registered Naturopath ND Naturopathic Doctor. I’m also qualified to the highest levels in massage, manual lymphatic massage, aromatherapy, stress management, reflexology, thought field therapy and nutrition.

I apply this breadth of expertise to offer highly personalised help to clients with a wide range of health challenges and emotional issues. I am committed to learning. On-going professional development is central to my life and enables me to give my clients the most informed, up-to-date help possible.

People of all ages and backgrounds bring many different issues to my door: I provide a creative approach, challenging conventional thought and practice, t achieve sustainable results based on the latest international research and methodology.

Life lessons
Empathy is vital to my understanding of clients. Few of us travel through life unscathed. My life has certainly taken some dramatic turns and I know what it feels like to be overwhelmed by events. I also have personal experience of the transformative power of well-being techniques.

Business brain
My business background is the final piece in my jigsaw. As a graduate in business and personnel management, I spent the early part of my career in key management roles for major companies including Marks & Spencer.

I love the logical approach of business and the focus it puts on managing change effectively. I apply these principles in my naturopathic practice. My clients want results and I’m keen to set goals, create clear pathways of work and measure success as we proceed.

When no solution is obvious, my pioneer spirit comes in. I bring fresh thinking to situations clients may have struggled with for years. Experience has taught me that knowledge plus ingenuity reveals solutions even in unpromising circumstances.

We’re in this together
My clients inspire me. I want to be my best and I want my clients to achieve their best. I may challenge you but, above all, we’ll work together to improve your life. And we’ll find a way to laugh and enjoy ourselves along the way.


“The key is information, the right tools and the correct order of work and support.”

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Unraveling the stress and strains of your everyday life

Janice Andersen is a natural health and well being specialist practicing in London, Oxford and Manchester offering; Naturopathy, Nutrition, Stress Management, Massage, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Aromatherapy, and Reflexology.

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