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Below is an outline of the fee structure for first appointments and services. Please note, prices for some treatments may vary and home visits will carry additional charges. Food Supplements, clinical medicine testing, coaching packages, nutritional supplements and remedies are an additional cost.

I never rush my work – your health is too important, it’s also been the cornerstone to my practice success. The initial appointment is key to gathering facts to find an effective route forward. Time invested at the start of our relationship shortens the number of sessions you need overall. I always make a full and careful analysis of your needs.

Sessions often combine various components of two or more treatments and the length of appointments may vary reflecting a bespoke service. You may prefer more email or telephone support and in such cases the appropriate fee will be discussed and agreed upon.

As a guide:

Naturopathic consultation first appointment £85.00

Naturopathic consultation follow up consultation per hour £50.00

Bodywork e.g. massage, reflexology, lymphatic drainage £50.00.

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Janice Andersen is a natural health and well being specialist practicing in London, Oxford and Manchester offering; Naturopathy, Nutrition, Stress Management, Massage, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Aromatherapy, and Reflexology.

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