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Rules and Regulations Update

2011 has seen considerable change to the Complementary Health world with a huge remit of legislative rules and regulations to adjust to in our practices. Amongst them the Nutritional and Health claims regulation, the revised CAP code, food supplement laws and new European food and Medicines law.

I have responded to the above by reviewing all practices and policies to maximise the opportunities they offer to improve the services I offer within my practice. So bear with me as I update and improve.

I am remaining true within this to my core philosophy of ongoing training, bringing you the latest and best practices and policy.

Latest challenge!
Those who know me will know I am often at the forefront of campaigning for bringing improvement in how legislation is interpreted on a practical level to ensure the best for the end user. I have challenged at government level, policy and practice in education, child protection, and domestic violence and more.

I have raised a query with MLDuk re how their rules and regulations can create potential conflict within a multi disciplined practice, resulting in a reduced level of service for clients – the opposite of the intention of a multi disciplined practitioner. Backed by my professional body I will keep you updated. My aim being, to bring the best practice to the table for the benefit of you, the client.

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