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Qualifications and Professional Development

Initially qualifying in 2003 in Massage, I am a registered Naturopath (ND) having completed in 2007 a three year training at the London College of Naturopathic Medicine and registered with the following professional bodies that have validated both my qualifications and insurance.

I hold advanced qualifications in Nutrition, Stress Management, Advanced Aromatherapy, Remedial and Swedish Massage, including Exercise Guidance, Vodder Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Reflexology, Thought Field Therapy and Counselling.

I have ten years clinical experience in my own practice.

Professional Development 2011/14 Diary

Month Event Days
March 2014 Tired all the time Dr Roderick Lane 1
Jan 2014 Energy and Endocrine Support Biocare 1
June 2013 Empirical science. Vitalism or what? Plus legal aspects of practice Balens 1
Nov 2012 Renal Health Bionutri 1
Oct 2012 Response of Health Sector to Domestic Violence against Women and Girls WAVE 14th annual conference 2
Dec 2011 Clinical Psychoneuroimmunology - Year 1 4
Oct 2011 Continuing Personal Development and Mentoring Marion Kirkham ND Crete 5
Oct 2011 Clinical Psychoneuroimmunology - Year 1 4
Sep 2011 Regional Practice Meeting 'Properly functioning barriers in the body are of vital importance' London Birkbeck University 1/2
Aug 2011 Vodder MLD 4
Jun 2011 Tom Fox: Protein intake and physical activity - a delicate balance Worcester University
Jun 2011 Birkbeck University of London entitled 'An Introduction to Clinical Psychoneuroimmunology'
Feb 2011 Bionutri Hormone Health and Regulatory changes
Feb 2011 "The Pancreas as the Primary Caretaker of Human Health"

Specific Product and Clinical Testing Training: 2004-2010

 BTS -
 Biocare -
 Bionutri -
 Bonusan –
 Blackmore’s -
 Genova Diagnostics -
 Lamberts -
 Nutri West -
 New Vistas -

Professional Development in Domestic Violence: Understanding Domestic Violence 2007, WAVE 14th Annual conference, London 2012

Training, Registration and Insurance certification are available to view on request.

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Janice Andersen is a natural health and well being specialist practicing in London, Oxford and Manchester offering; Naturopathy, Nutrition, Stress Management, Massage, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Aromatherapy, and Reflexology.

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