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Bespoke Well Being Workshops

Kissamos, Crete
Why not take some well deserved time out to get yourself back on the road to health and well being on the magical island of Crete.

In conjunction with my colleague Marion Kirkham, we offer bespoke well being workshops and one to one sessions for clients wishing to accelerate their recovery in a relaxing, restorative and sunny location.

Marion Kirkham ND has been in practice for twenty years and is co-director of the London College of Naturopathic Medicine and Health Science (LCNM) –

Typical objectives and outcomes

“Light at the end of the tunnel” for those with chronic, often unexplained, symptoms that have destroyed quality of life
Energy and stamina
Calmness, focus and clarity
Improved digestive health
Balanced hormones
Flexibility – back and neck problems often resolve
Release of jaw tension
Ability to identify stress triggers
Improved ability to cope with stress
Improved resistance to infection and allergies
Improved ability to control pain and inflammation
Regulation of appetite and weight
Enjoyment of food without guilt
Ability to identify and grasp opportunities
Authenticity – a clearer understanding of what is meaningful in your life
Autonomy – shaping our life around what is valued
Acceptance – greater toleration of your own weaknesses and those of others

And, when you return home you can also get my on going support with your personal programme. For full details including dates, prices and availability please email

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